Moscow International Optical Fair (MIOF)

February 20-22, 2024  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 2, hall 8


EYENEYE will display at MIOF classic and exclusive designer’s family of glasses

24 August 2023

EYENEYE is an independent brand of glasses fr om St. Petersburg, consisting of a team of opticians, designers and other creative professionals developing a new format of optics, wh ere glasses are not only a necessity but also an important element of own style and self-expression, being the most trendy accessory. For more than 7 years the company has been creating special and memorable collections not forgetting of course about praiseworthy quality. 

Independent eyewear companies may cost a little bit more than those sold at chain stores, but this is frequently because they use better materials and place a higher value on craftsmanship.

The company's range is versatile and includes both basic classic models and exclusive design lines: EYENEYE were the first to produce glasses with decorative piercings and chains.

The company’s range of products features also own trade equipment: a wide range of stands, racks and boxes that help to present products with the best facing.

One of the main advantages of the product from EYENEYE is its versatility and modularity - the manufacture of a stand or rack for any size and shape, which allows to meet requirements of any customer.

See you September 5 through 7 at Crocus Expo!