Moscow International Optical Fair (MIOF)

September 13-15, 2022  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 3 / Hall 13

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Learn about the business program of the MIOF. Spring 2022 second day

23 February 2022

The Educational and Business Forum will continue its work on the second day of the 30th Moscow International Optical Fair (MIOF) February 23, 2022. Effective practices of increase in sales, optimization of work and increase in profitability of optician salons, methods of identification of customer needs in new eyewear products and the latest methods of patients examination will be presented to the audience.

February 23, 2022 conference hall H:

  • Yakutina E.N., coach of the Strateg business school, will speak on the topic Opening an Optics Store: analyzing merchandising for Kepler Optic in the Khorosho and Vykhodnoi shopping centers (at 10:00).
  • Ivanova N.V., Head of the ODE Plant of Prescription Optics professional support department, and Dementyev S.V., Business Development Manager of the ODE Plant of Prescription Optics, will talk about individual monofocal lenses and how to turn them into a driver of optic business growth (at 11:00).
  • Sepp G. R., ophthalmologist, medical consultant of the Center for Prescription Optics BBGR, will present at 12:00 a special project launched by MOK company Correction selection algorithm. IOC Company Project to Help Beginners and Practicing Optometrists.
  • Petrukhina M. L., business trainer, managing partner of the company Practika, and Koltsov A. A., ophthalmologist, training director of Grand Vision Company, will intrigue everybody by the topic of their lecture Entertainment Shopping at 13:00.
  • Koltsov A. A., ophthalmologist, training director of Grand Vision Company, will present expert solutions from Nikon at 14:00.
  • Rylova D. B., Editor-in-chief of Veko, will talk about fashion and style trends in optics at 15:00.

MIOF. Spring 2022 will run till February 24 inclusive.

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