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Optic Center is the largest private ophthalmology clinic in the Urals

31 January 2022

Optic Center is the largest private ophthalmology clinic in the Urals. It means 6,000 square meters of innovation, where world-class specialists have the ability to conduct up to 25% of ophthalmic operations in the region.

A new six-story building of the Optic-Center private ophthalmic clinic was opened in Chelyabinsk in March 2021. It has no analogues in the country being facilitated with the state of art world-class equipment, in its arsenal - the entire range of ophthalmic surgeries and the latest programs for vision preservation and recovery. The clinic received the award Best Healthcare Object in the regional award Builder of the Year.

The multi-task clinic practices the current principle of "one-day surgery": from diagnosis to surgery. A person who has worn glasses with thick lenses all his life can leave the Optic Center clinic with perfect vision.

All the way from consultation and diagnosis to surgery and rehabilitation, patients undergo in the same building. The staff of ophthalmologists and surgeons with many years of experience conducts not only such common and popular operations as laser vision correction and cataract extraction but also complex, unique procedures, for example, crystalline lens removal with artificial implantation.

The Compulsory Health Insurance Fund assessed the clinic's capabilities and handed over 1,180 free surgeries, 2,360 appeals and 4,720 sick calls out of the total number planned for the Chelyabinsk Region for 2021. The potential of the clinic allows to further increase these indicators.

Optic Centerfeatures 23 salons in the Chelyabinsk region, the largest private ophthalmic clinic in the Urals, four branches of the ophthalmic clinic for children and adults, an online store, a workshop for repairing and making glasses, a delivery service and C-U optical space. The companys staff comprises 430 employees, of which more than 100 people are highly qualified medical personnel.

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