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Breakthrough in technologies of progressive lens development

27 January 2022

Rodenstock Rus, an experienced importer of eyewear optics, was nominated for the Golden Lorgnette Award in the Innovation of the Year category. Our eyes change as we get older. This means that when we become middle-aged the eye lens is no longer quite as elastic. It becomes increasingly difficult for the eyes to switch between near and distance vision the eyes need some assistance. Progressive lenses are the ideal solution here. Because with progressive lenses you don't have the annoying and inconvenient task of changing spectacles.

At Rodenstock, we recognize people as individuals, with eyes of different shapes and sizes. That's why at Rodenstock, we use thousands of data points to measure and determine the parameters of the eye and use this data to produce the lenses customised according to the biometric parameters of each individual eye. This has made us the lens experts we are today.

Every progressive lens from Rodenstock is unique. Ultimately every eye is different. This is why numerous individual measured values, both of your eyes and also the fit of the spectacles on your face, are incorporated in the bespoke manufacture of your Rodenstock progressive lenses. With the use of innovative technologies, spectacles are made that are perfectly adapted to your eyes and your face so that you see better and sharper than ever before. With the DNEye Scanner your eyes can be measured at over 7,000 points. This way we can detect every individual detail.

With Biometric Intelligent Glasses based on an exact biometric eye model powered by Rodenstocks unique DNEye technology, Rodenstock creates a paradigm shift in progressive lenses by taking into account the unique shape and size of each eye. With the DNEye Scanner, we have technology for high-precision eye measurement: Besides the subjective refraction data, the aberrometric measurement data is also recorded depending on the individual pupil size. The ideal lens is calculated on the basis of these parameters, for 100% exploitation of your personal vision potential. 3D video measurement with ImpressionIST 4, the innovative measurement terminal, we guarantee that the design of the frame matches your type perfectly and fits optimally and also that the lens is matched perfectly to the frame and your eyes.

Rodenstok Rus OOO (Avvita) has been operating on the Russian market since 2000. The company's portfolio is represented by a wide range of medical frames, sports and sunglasses and Rodenstock spectacle lenses. The company's branches are located in St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk and Voronezh. In November 2014, Avvita Company officially became part of the German concern Rodenstock. The company's portfolio includes the following brands: Rodenstock, Porsche Design, Serengeti, FrancoSordelli, MirellaMori, Rolls, NicoletaBuchi. Today, more than 1,000 companies in Moscow and all major cities of Russia cooperate with the company.

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