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Kronika eyeglasses collection from Brevno

21 January 2022

Brevno Bold charismatic frames made of wood instantly became a manifesto for bold charismatic people all over the world. A rough surface and wonderful grain pattern of brevno sunglasses is perfectly mixed with high-end German surgical steel nosepads, spring-loaded hinges and outstanding fitting. The company has found their own recipe for classy good looking frames with a pinch of non-conventional design.

Brevno eyewear is an independent brand started in 2013 in the middle of Siberia by two friends. Famous people from the world of independent art: artists, actors, directors, musicians wear brevno glasses. Glasses are sold in France, Japan, Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Taiwan and Russia.

Eyewear is produced only to order and in small batches with a minimum amount of waste, which is then also used in the next production cycles or processed. One can buy new glasses with a 50% discount if return used ones.

Kronika collection inner freedom, strong personality and power of intellect and creativity are pillars brevno stands on. Those who are not afraid to be themselves, to be different, to take action and make mistakes we believe that those people are moving this world forward and creating new, better reality for next generations. 20 models collection is segmented into three families: retro, contemporary and futurism.

Basic brevno collection is inspired by architecture: concise and geometrically precise shapes. Perfect for everyday wearing. The EXPERIMENTS collection of optical glasses and sunglasses made from recycled plastic will be also displayed at the stand. The collection of daring and truly unique eyeglasses was born from creative tries of our team.

A new collection is already available at the official web site.

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