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The largest optics chain in Ufa Arnika

13 January 2022

Meet another nominee in the Salon of the Year category for the Golden Lorgnette award in 2022 - the largest optics chain in Ufa Arnika which comprises 18 salons. The first opticians was opened in 2009, and for 12 years the company has been growing and self-perfecting.

The Arnika optics team consists of 10 ophthalmologists, 25 optometrists, and among the practitioners are an orthokeratologist and Ph.D. Zemfira Muslimova, an ophthalmologist of the highest category.

Specialists of the company conduct a complete eyesight diagnostics for adults and children, select glasses, soft contact and orthokeratological lenses. The salons are equipped with computer and hardware vision restoration equipment and the latest medical ophthalmologic equipment from well-known manufacturers. Almost all world brands of medical frames and sunglasses are represented in the range of the chain.

Arnika optical salon chain was recognized as the winner in the Optics of the Year nomination within the frames the annual Recognition of the Year award held by MTelevision in December 2013.

A new salon was opened in the historical center of the city, in the Khakimov estate in January 2021. Design renovations were made in the loft style using wood in the interior in the 1895 building.

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