30th Moscow International Optical Fair (MIOF)

February 22-24, 2022  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 2, hall 8

Golden Lorgnette 2020

7 November 2019

The Awarding Ceremony for the winners of the Russian National Award Golden Lorgnette in the optical industry for achievements in the field of new technologies promotion, sight protection and professional service of the population will take place within the frames of MIOF.

The National Award in the optical industry is one of the most prestigious awards at the market of optical goods and services, equipment and materials, glass and contact lenses, sun glasses and frames, distributors and retail chains and also opticians of Russia. The award is designed to recognize the most important individuals and companies in the optical industry for providing excellent service, fostering innovation and spreading awareness of the optical industry.

National tender on participation in the contest would take place for the sixth time and would be culminated by the Awarding Ceremony February 11, on the first day of the 2020 trade fair. The nominations will be supplemented with the optometrist nomination.

The contest aims to consolidate and develop the national market of optical goods and services, to reveal and support leaders of the optical market of the country, to increase the level of awareness and to form favorable approach of end users to ophthalmology and optics, and, in general, to stimulate the development of business activity of national entrepreneurship.

Nominations of the Golden Lorgnette 2020 award:

  1. The Debut
  2. The Innovation
  3. The Optometrist (New)!
  4. The Advertising campaign of the Year
  5. The Marketing Project of the Year
  6. The Educational Project of the Year
  7. The Optician's Salon of the Year
  8. The Trade Company of the Year
  9. The Opticians Salon of the Year
  10. The Personage of the Year (acknowledgement)
  11. The Private Trade Mark

In addition to being able to demonstrate their qualifications and successful projects, the award winner must possess the following qualities:

    • Professionalism. The customer is in the focus of the business and gets a great service.
    • Excellent communication skills-both in person and through social media.
    • Entrepreneurial spirit and excellent business skills.
    • Innovation within its business model/range of products and services/store design.
    • Specialization - with a proven reputation in a specific industry of optics.
    • Creativity-both in products that are sold to customers and in products presentation.
    • Interaction - professional, social, productive linkages and experience, participation in charitable activities - is taken into consideration.
    • Customer feedback and ability to interact in complex cases, restitution of the goods, expertise.

Russian companies, joint ventures and representative offices of foreign companies registered and operating in the territory of Russia and working at the market of optical goods and services participating in the exhibition are eligible for the contest. The Gala Awarding Ceremony for the winners of the contest for the national award in the optical industry Golden Lorgnette will take place February 11, 2020 within the frames of the February edition of MIOF.

For additional information please refer to the official website at: www.goldlornet.ru

Contest stages:

 Announcement of the contest September 10, 2019.

Deadline end for application acceptance is November 1, 2019.

Candidates short list will be announced December 1, 2019.

The second meeting of the expert jury will be held February 11, 2020 where the winners in each nomination will be defined by secret ballot.

Questions to the organizers: goldlornet@gmail.com, +7 495 749-0449.
Media: Olga Mosheeva, +7 903 749-04-49, opticmag@gmail.com

The organizers of the contest and awarding ceremony are Crocus Expo Management Office and Market Assistant Group.