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Scientific and practical conference on children's ophthalmology and optometry Kids Vision

6 September 2017

The scientific and practical conference on children's ophthalmology and optometry Kids Vision which will take place in Russia for the first time will become the highlight of the MIOF business program.

The thematic event which will take place in Russia for the first time – the scientific and practical conference on children's ophthalmology and optometry Kids Vision will be held September 19 within the frames of the MIOF business program.

Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye and the visual system. This includes problems affecting the eye and its component structures, the eyelids, the orbit, and the visual pathways. Ophthalmologists are medically trained to provide patients with total eye care using medical, surgical, and rehabilitative services. In doing so, an ophthalmologist prescribes vision services, including glasses and contact lenses. Most kids are only "tested" at school.  That's not adequate.  Unfortunately 1/4 of kids have problems that will never be found at that test.  

Kids Vision is planned to be held twice a year (September and February). The main idea of the event is a charity program intended for children from underprovided families which need a difficult treatment and eye surgery. The fund raising will be also intended for the opening of eye care for kids offices, for charitable help to funds for support of children with ophthalmologic diseases, for creation and promotion of the National program of sight protection (children).

Scientists say an epidemic of myopia, or nearsightedness, is sweeping through Asian children, and is likely due to students’ spending too much time indoors studying and not enough time outside in the sunlight. Reporting in the journal Lancet, the authors note that up to 90% of young adults in major East Asian countries, including China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and South Korea, are nearsighted.

The myopia rate remained high in Russia at the end of the review period. The main reasons for this were a lack of physical exercise and the prolonged use of digital devices among young consumers. Furthermore, the early onset of symptoms of presbyopia among young and middle-aged consumers from the excessive or intensive use of electronic devices has increased the number of visual disorders in Russia. In 2017, optical shops remained the leading distribution channel in eyewear. Players in this channel constantly update their portfolios to meet consumer demand in terms of product design. Consumers are also attracted by the possibility of receiving expert advice and having an eye examination at the place of sale. However, this channel continued to lose share to internet retailing at the end of the review period. This was partly due to the strong internet retailing presence of chained optical shops and the channel’s convenience.


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03 July 2018
Visitors registration to MIOF has been opened!

Specialists of medical optics, owners and employees of optician’s are kindly invited to online registration for you to get free ticket to the fair.

19 February 2018
Awarding ceremony for the winners of Golden Lorgnette 2018 contest

The Gala Awarding Ceremony for the winners of the contest for the national award in the optical industry Golden Lorgnette, the best projects, companies and specialists contributed to the optical industry in the last year, was held within the frames of MIOF.

14 February 2018
MIOF. Spring 2018 has been opened!

More than 100 companies from Russia and foreign countries display their innovative developments and fashionable trends at the Moscow International Optical Fair.

02 February 2018
Martin Conway lectures

Martin Conway, world famous practical man and lecturer in the sphere of contact correction, will lecture a number of lectures to the forum attendees.

31 January 2018
Press release: 22nd Moscow International Optical Fair (MIOF)

The 22nd Moscow International Optical Fair (MIOF) which will run February 14 through 16 in Crocus Expo will open the annual calendar of exhibition events in the field of optometry, medical production and also fashionable collections of eye glasses and frames.113 participants’ geography of MIOF. Spring 2018 covers Belarus, Germany, Israel, Italy, China, Russia, France, Switzerland and Japan. Novelties and the latest developments will be presented by national companies from 14 regions of the country.